9x Việt Nam nhảy nhạc Hàn cực đỉnh (Nhóm St.319 Bài Lovey Dovey - T-Ara )

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Cry Cry : http://youtu.be/hOlNtd12EzY
Lovey Dovey - T-Ara (티아라) Dance Cover by St.319 from Vietnam
At the end of 2011, T-Ara once again brought out the second hit "Lovey Dovey". The song attracts audiences by its ear-catching melody and skillful "shuffle dance". The dance has become popular among Kpop fans all over the world !
Let's join this funky town and shuffle with St.319 rite now !

Music and choreography by T-Ara

Used song:
Yeu Nu - Vu Hanh Nguyen
Let Me Think About It - Ida Corr
Anyclub - Lee Hyori